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Do you have gold to sell? Want to know what it is worth?

Just look up the current USD price per oz, enter that in the field, weigh your gold in grams and enter that, then select the purity, any value from 24 karat to 8 karat, then press value.

This isn’t the price you will get but it is what the gold content is worth.

A simple app, free and available from the google play store.

Click on the bars of gold to go to the google play store to download.

Do you work in real estate? Do you need to work out the potential commission for your client?

This android application is ideal for your android phone. It allows you, the user, to enter commission calculation criteria, ie. Fixed fee, price breaks and % charged for each break, % for GST/Sales Tax applicable to the commission charge.

Up to two price breaks can be added, eg 1st $250,000 at 4%, next $300,000 at 2.5% and rest at 1.5%. All figures are variable and input by the user. If you have only one level then put zero in all break fields bar the last one where you will enter a % that will apply to all the purchase price.

Property Yield.

For all you property investors this application allows you to enter the purchase price and weekly rent. It then calculates the gross yield. A second screen allows you to enter the property expenses to calculate the net yield.

Finally a third screen allows you to enter the weekly rent, a required gross and / or net yield and then calculates the maximum purchase price you should be aiming for.

All calculations are based on a full 52 week year for rental income. For the net yield purchase price you must complete the expenses information on screen 2.